Inspired by a Place of Moss, Rain and Wool Snagged on Wire; a Taste of the Lakes

The popularity of gin certainly shows no sign of decline. Last year it was confirmed that the number of gin distilleries registered in the UK had doubled in the last five years.  A local distillery giving us a real taste of the Lakes is Bedrock Gin.?

Created as a drinkable ode to the landscape he loved as a young man, Vince Wilkins returned to the area and launched Bedrock Gin in 2008. Keen to capture the beauty of the Lakes in a bottle, Vince works with a master distiller in the tiny hamlet of Croasdale near Ennerdale to create his premium London Dry Gin. The pair blend botanicals including juniper, coriander, lemon and orange peel and angelica root, distilled with Cumbrian kiln–dried oak bark to create a gin unique to the Cumbrian landscape it was inspired by.

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