Traditional Butchery at Tebay

Our founder, John Dunning, began farming in 1956 and is the current owner of our 900 acre hill farm near Orton; only two miles away from Tebay Services. In 1972, he and his wife Barbara set up the services when the M6 motorway cut through their land.

It was the Dunning family’s farming roots which inspired the creation of the two butchery counters in our Farmshops. At Tebay, we promote a traditional ‘nose to tail’ approach to butchery. Beef and lamb is produced on our family farm, sold and butchered at our farmshops or cooked and served in our Kitchens; both in the services, and also in the restaurant at Tebay Services Hotel. This ensures that our use of local produce is as sustainable and accountable as possible.

If you’re en route to a Lake District camping holiday, or are looking to pick up great quality meat for your summer barbecue then our butchery counters need to be your first port of call.

Our butchery team are proud to have developed their own Cumberland Sausage recipe, which in 2011 was given PGI status; meaning it cannot be made outside of Cumbria. You’ll find our Cumberland sausage in our monstrous sausage rolls in Quick Kitchen, served at breakfast in our Hotel and in the traditional curls on our Butchery counter. We recommend cooking on the barbecue and topping with some Tracklement’s Onion Marmalade!

The burgers we sell in our Farmshops and Kitchens are made by our butchers, using beef from our family farm. If you’re passing try the burgers from our outdoor eating Shed, which we top with Tracklement’s Roasted Cherry Tomato Relish, Pickled Shallots and watercress and spinach salad wrapped up in a Cotswold Gold smoked buttered roll from More? Artisan Bakery. We’ve also introduced a range of pork burgers; made using meat from our small local pig producers; such as the Kirkwood Family who rear rare breed sows in their outdoor grass paddocks in Dumfries.

The hill breed cattle we rear on our farm are hung on the bone in our onsite cutting rooms for up to three weeks after slaughter. We believe this traditional method results in a truly great tasting steak! That’s why we added our own herd ribeye steak on to the menu at Tebay Services Hotel. You don’t need to be a guest to dine with us so why not book a table to sample the best of our farm and our local producers.

Our Butchery Counters are open from 8.00am – 6.00pm every day and you can find our full barbecue range in our Farmshops now.

To book a table in our Hotel Restaurant give us a call, 01539 624351 or visit our website.

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